Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How Improving Cooling Efficiency Can Increase Productivity

Studies show that global warming and increasingly hot summers are having a negative effect on worker productivity. However new technologies such as Advantec’s roof ventilation system can make cooling efforts much more efficient and help people feel more comfortable and productive at certain workplaces.

There’s no doubt that when people are excessively hot, we’re not going to be doing our best work. We become more irritable and become prone to heat exhaustion and even heat strain in some cases. But it’s our comfort level that we’re most likely to notice initially.

Obviously, the degree to which heat will be a factor will depend on the type of work. Outdoor labourers or factory workers will need more rest time between work to maintain their wellbeing on a hot day than office staff, for instance. However, on particularly hot days, the productivity of both sets of workers will become diminished considerably.
A study has shown that the optimal temperature for work is between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, however there are different views on this; some believe that this is slightly too warm. Be that as it may, the research indicates that we are more prone to reductions in productivity as a result of temperature increases rather than temperature decreases. This might be due to the fact that we can always put more clothes on as it gets colder, but there are only so many clothes we can take off in the workplace.

Air conditioning can obviously help a lot, however on hot days this puts a great strain on the energy bill; cooling a large office or factory space can become very expensive. So even if you’re able to salvage worker productivity, you see the cost of this on the energy bill.

This is where roof ventilation technology can lend a hand in certain working environments. Research indicates that much of the difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature in homes and some commercial premises comes from the fact that the roof space of the dwelling is excessively hot. If it remains this way, your air conditioning unit is going to be fighting an uphill battle as the temperature of the roof space effects the rest of the building greatly.

Advantec’s Heat Dispersal System flushes the heat out of your roof space until it sits at a temperature of 28 degrees. This can decrease cooling costs by more than 20% and makes for a much more comfortable environment. The best part is that it only turns itself on during hot days; if it’s cold, you want to maintain that heat so the HDS will not be active.

Of course, this technology is not applicable to all workplaces; factories and buildings in which there is no space between the roof and ceiling unfortunately cannot accommodate the HDS. However, for small offices, homes and other commercial dwellings, this product is well worth a look.

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